1st Trimester

Yep, like birthing a baby, this business is off and running. I can't say enough great things about the wonderful support from friends and family near and far. To quote a successful entrepreneur from today's webinar..."I've made plenty of right decisions, but tons of wrong ones". She's making 7 figures now and managing her 4 profitable, lifestyle-focused businesses with ease, according to her.  Most days I'm simply happy to wake up and have a relaxed morning with my husband, daughter and pup, sipping coffee while planning for the day. But...here's to all my wrong decisions - I'll take 'em!

It's also very exciting to wake up and think about client's needs and how I'm challenged to creatively solve problems. I think I'm most satisfied with the near instant gratification that comes with transformations that are both aesthetically pleasing and financially profitable for the seller and homeowner. 

So much to learn, so much to put to practice. So, so many people to meet. Oh, I love meeting new people and learning their stories. 

High Point Market is just around the corner. Please comment if you are local and want to meet up! Saturday, Oct 22nd - Oct 26th.

I look forward to sharing some recent projects with you in the PORTFOLIO section soon! Until then, follow me on FB and Instagram and in old-school, face-to-face real life. A girl's, gotta get out ya know!