Ozzie Steals The Show

Nothing but a 25 pound pile of whitish scruffy cuteness could pry me away from the last 1.5 days of the High Point Market and that's just what happened when we realized our house guests were checking out a night early. Ozzie, a terrier mix, had been in the care of a wonderful rescue league in our area and was residing with his Foster mom, Janet when we made the decision to welcome him into our new home. But, because he is somewhat people shy, we thought it best to wait until our home routine had returned to "normal" before bringing him in. 

Being home with our new furbaby actually gave me time to reflect on what I'd just experienced the past few days. Market is always a whirlwind of activity - eye candy overload, meeting incredibly talented and diverse people, and catching up with industry veterans.  Previewing market products isn't for the faint of heart and can be accomplished a month prior in-person or at the comfort of your own device by reading one of many blogs and articles such as this one from (shameless plug). 

I so enjoyed seeing my former Sherwin-Williams colleagues present their brand's color forecasts with all the enthusiasm and passion they conveyed. Surprise jaunts to places like Pandora's Manor Bed and Breakfast had me stunned; I had no idea this project was shaping up just miles down the road from me and also, that I must have a tiny affinity for classic, traditional design buried deep within. Thanks for unearthing that Eastern Accents

I am currently setting up accounts and confirming others with some incredible vendors and manufacturers. So far, Ozzie has approved of all my choices. One of the highlights at market was in the Surya showroom when I was posting a photo of the pillow I fell in love with - it had waves of gray and brown and was in the softest faux fur that begged to be snuggled with. Seconds later, a FB friend requested I add 2 of the same to be sent to her and their rescued dog for their new home. Bam! I love technology.

My mantra....always, always take every opportunity to learn. One downside of missing the last few days was missing talented speakers. However, I did pack in as many seminars as I could in the first few days, many of which conflicted another's schedule so it was literally a coin toss in many cases.

A shout out to a new and brilliant company called Three Pears Productions which will surely delight designers and consumers with new products featuring a talented artist. I love my swag Three Pears scarf btw!

I think someone needs to go for a walk now...he's one spoiled little guy already.

These images should keep you happy and inspired until next Spring's market!

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Leah sees 4 billion shades of Gray

What a treat when my sister rang to tell me her friend and co-worker's beautiful home was being fully remodeled and that she would need help selecting new color schemes! It was my first official consult as Rendered Nest and of course I was a bit nervous. Nothing, I mean nothing could have prepared me for meeting Leah and seeing her beautiful home for the first time.

There before me (amidst the construction and hanging plastic) was the most subtle, yet impactful pale gray against white interior trim I'd ever seen....AND it was a Sherwin-Williams color from the color deck I'd stared at for 10 years as an SW employee. It was Crushed Ice....How did I not know this color? Where had it been? And why on earth did Leah want to change it? To be fair, all her furnishings were packed away in the garage while she and her adorable son, husband and sweet dog were shacked up with her mom during the total home renovation. So, I was unable to comprehend her desire to better "coordinate" her furnishings with her wall color to provide a more "cozy, creamy" less cool atmosphere.

Her descriptive terms, however, caught my attention. Now she's speaking my language, I thought! It's rare to find a consumer or even in some cases a design professional who can correctly articulate the subtleties of color. You know, the difference between cool and warm, bright and pastel? But Leah, she was on to something. And the funny thing was, she kept mocking herself as if she was somehow odd or freakish. She insisted she mustn't be able to see color correctly because her friends and family looked oddly at her each time she attempted to describe the mood she was going for with this new hue she was trying to define. 

I surveyed the rest of the house on that first visit and continued to feel giddy with her incredible and acute sense of color. We began selecting candidates for new colors using the fan deck I'd brought. She was drawn to a very light creamy off-white that in the end turned out to be precisely the color that the exterior of their home is painted (brick). Apparently she has good color memory too and knows what she likes (Westhighland White)! We decided THAT was to be the main color throughout and that we'd keep a darker version of the gray (ultimately Repose Gray) for the Kitchen and eat-in Butler's pantry while keeping Crushed Ice for the bedrooms upstairs. I honestly believe following this exercise, Leah is one of those rare humans who can see 4 billion colors as opposed to us common folk who can only see 7,000,000. Find out more about Tetrachromatism here.

Yesterday, I returned for the "after" photo shoot. Amazing. While I wasn't as in love personally with the Westhighland White as I was with the previous pale gray, it did look terrific. Besides, it's not about ME now is it? Most importantly, Leah was very happy and though they've just only begun moving back in....the whole space looks incredible! See for yourself.

Kudos to these homeowners and their impeccable taste in finishes and COLOR! Let me know when you're ready to move onto the next project...I think I know just the right buyer for this one!