Hendrix Street

Historic Bungalow - offer before re-listing < 2 days


This project took me back to my mom's stomping grounds. Just two blocks within where she grew up and where most of the today's millennials are flocking to for many reasons - historic neighborhoods. These homes built with incredible architectural details and quality materials are within walking distances to farmer's markets, restaurants, local boutiques where spending dollars can go back into the local economy, something folks in their 30's-40's are very mindful of. 

Rather than showcasing this one in a traditional manner, we thought it best to stage it with the LIFESTYLE of the millennial consumer in mind. Mix and match the designs styles, bring in a bit of contemporary flair with the accessories and of course some color pops along with rich textures. We suggested keeping the bold color in the den and most importantly matching the original bin drawer pull hardware in the butler's pantry by sourcing readily available brushed nickel hardware for the kitchen to replace the bland white porcelain knobs. We swapped the dining room and den lighting with more on-trend fixtures that still felt in-keeping with the style of the home and the rooms.  Other small improvements involved a swap of a mirror in the upstairs bath and finding the perfect glass lampshade for the antique fixture in one of the bedrooms.

While seemingly small, these investments made huge visual impacts in the listing photos and for the buyers as they toured the property in person. The total spend amounted to less than 0.1% of the list price which included materials and labor!

Watch the Realtor Video Testimonial Below


Lake Forest

Sophistication on the Lake

In the heart of Greensboro's New Irving Park sits this nearly 5,000 sq ft Georgian styled home, on a generous lot backed up to a lake with stunning views from the home's main living areas. The seller, in this case, left behind nice pieces to work with in terms of foundation furnishings and smaller accessories. However, a whole house edit was needed to improve visual noise. We needed to unify wall colors, create as sense of traffic flow with placement of furniture and of course, emphasize the incredible dentil moldings, gorgeous hardwood floors and other fine architectural millwork. Since the property had been listed for nearly two years and with more than one agency, it was imperative that it look as fresh and new to the buying public as possible when re-listed.  

Potential buyers in this geography and demographic will appreciate the transitional makeover we've given this home. Sophisticated, but a bit more casually furnished than when it was newly built, I'm sure. I intentionally wanted to scale back on the volume of accessories so the home could do the talking and not the stuff. The palette is now set for the new owners to jump right in and add a touch of color and their own personal style. This particular project would not have been possible without the Powerful Partner (Realtor in this case) that is, Leslie Stainback. More on that HERE. 

Enjoy these before and after images. They may take a second to load depending on the speed of your connection! :)

"After" Photo Credits: Tyler Olson 

"Before" photos from previous Zillow Listings


Hunting Cog 

Rustic charm - offer in 55 days

Can you say cozy? Situated on 2.2 acres in Oak Ridge, this home has it all. I could hardly wait to bring out all my rustic styled accessories, add to my inventory and borrow gorgeous hand-made quilts from my talented friend to get this property looking its best for showings. Nearly each time I arrived via the winding driveway I was greeted by a deer munching on grass in the front lawn. My favorite experience was when I was conveniently stranded during a downpour. The sound of rain on the metal roof nearly lulled me into a nap. Too bad you can't smell the faint aroma of  burnt wood in the fireplace.  Ahhhh. 


Crossfield Drive

Open and airy - Offer before Re-listing - < 1 Day!

Situated behind a popular shopping center in the heart of Greensboro was this open-plan 4,400 square foot home that had been on the market for a year... vacant. The realtor contacted me just after a price reduction and from there we began an exchange of information including vital feedback she had received regarding the property. We put together a swift plan to furnish and move-in, reshoot photography and what I thought would be a re-list date within 5 days. Much to my surprise, a few days after install, I received a call from the agent telling me the home was under contract! 

So few people can visualize scale, furniture layout, even style and volume of furniture in a home. Folks, if there's one thing I wish I could shout from a mountain top, it is this: an empty home will sit and sit and sit on the market for many long months compared to it's furnished counterpart. Overcoming this doesn't have to mean blowing a budget on designer furnishings. It can mean second hand or finding and knowing how to upcycle / refurbished little gems that can mix and match with one's own foundation pieces. It's not rocket science as much as it is our human emotional response and reaction...psychology.  

Let a professional assist you!

While you're pondering that, enjoy these beautiful images from Mia Neser 


Tiffany Place

Luxury living - offer in 16 days!

This New Irving Park listing is just that; shiny new(er), but with great old bones. My friend and her husband took this 5,500 square foot gem (built in 1982) and transformed it in just four months into a spectacular residence with upgrades and amenities around every corner.  Situated in a cul-de-sac, this two story, Federal styled home has two master bedrooms, three stair cases and three fire places. The owner's who took on the challenge of renovating this property to sell, just so happen to own their own construction company. Keeping as much of the original flooring and moulding in tact, the renovators went to work selecting incredibly beautiful fixtures, cabinetry and finishes for the entire dwelling. Enter Rendered Nest... in early spring we staged the whole downstairs and the master bedroom upstairs. Our staging strategy was to include a mix of modern, transitional and bold accent colors to show potential buyers how a formal home with very traditional architectural detailing could be styled to reflect a more relaxed, casual feel - illustrating what today's consumers are gravitating towards.

We also took the opportunity to showcase one of Greensboro's own oil-on-canvas artists, Amy Gordon. Her work, seen in these photos, is available through Irving Park Art and Frame. If interested, please contact them at 336.274.6717 , ask for Renee and mention Rendered Nest!

Lastly, many of the furnishings will be available when this home is officially sold and unstaged. Please check my "Retired Furnishings For Sale" tab or feel free to call me if you see anything of interest. I can always order for you, too!

Country Club Condominium

Stylishly solo! 

What fun it was to be a part of this project. Priority was taken to ensure we didn't visually clutter the gorgeous historical elements in this unit. Beautiful parquet oak flooring, high ceilings, picture-frame molding and metal casement windows letting in the perfect amount of natural light were clearly what needed featuring.



Sunset Drive 

Traditional charm - offer in 6 days!

This beautiful home had but one challenge - deciding what to tuck away in temporary storage and what to incorporate into the final design for each room. The home was built in 1948 and was added onto in the mid 1990's. The owner has adorned it with antiques (mostly from a family owned business) and collectables from various personal travels.  We wanted to better showcase the home's architectural elements, brighten the space and increase traffic flow throughout. This meant removing many accent furniture pieces, reducing sectional sofas and settees, and taking down accessories that blocked views of windows and natural light. "Less is more" always prevails. We think the transformation met the objectives for the photoshoot and we look forward to staging the guest house and to making minor tweaks for when this home is listed!

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